This is a comprehensive and essential course, that teaches you necessary information for performing an EKG on a patient. Certified EKG Technician can often be found at hospitals, clinics, or private practices.  EKG Tech’s general responsibilities are to perform electrocardiograms on patients who may experience chest pains or other signs of cardiac problems or may be asked to help diagnose and monitor cardiac problems in patients.  Companies that provide pre-employment physicals or insurance physicals may also hire EKG Technicians to determine pre-existing cardiac problems.

Home care givers may also find this course useful if there is a need to care for at-home patients with ECG monitors.  EKG Technicians are not only meant for individuals who would like to obtain a position as EKG Technicians, many such as nurses, EMTs, paramedics or other healthcare professionals also take this course to enhance their knowledge in EKG and to perform full 12-lead EKG examinations.

Skills And Knowledge Learned

  • Basic Electrophysiology
  • Normal ECG Measurements
  • Basic Arrhythmias and Interpretation
  • Cardiovascular Emergencies
  • Proper Lead Placement


  • Prior Healthcare Certification (CNA, MA, CPT, PCT, LPN, RN)

Program Structure

  • Classroom and Lab Practice: 16 hrs

We provide the Textbook for this class (ECG & Pharmacology Student Workbook by American Heart Association)

Program Tuition: $300

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